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Kindle French Bible – La Sainte Bible (Louis Segond with DVJ)

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Traduits sur les textes originaux hébreu et grec par Louis Segond, Docteur en Théologie

Features of this version of the Bible:

– Direct Verse Jump and Direct Verse Jump 2, revolutionary two methods to open the exact verse you need in mere seconds
– two other ways to navigate between books and chapters: (i) using a hyperlinked table of contents; and (ii) pressing the 5-way controller right or left to move between books or chapters of the Bible. Once you learn all of the four navigation methods, you will be able to open any verse in your Kindle Bible as fast as (or even faster than) in your paper copy
– easy to determine where you are in the Bible
– as any Kindle book, the French Bible is searchable; however, when you first install the file please wait for the Kindle to index the whole Bible (about 10 minutes). The file is large and it takes a long time to index. For this reason, the DVJ-1 navigation method will be available only after the book has been indexed; however, DVJ-2 will be immediately available

Direct Verse Jump 2: an easy way to jump to any place within the Bible in seconds. While reading the Bible, press “Menu”, then select “Index” and type the book abbreviation (see the table of contents or the instructions below), space, the chapter number, space, and finally the verse number (for example “jn 17 4”) and press “enter.”

Please note that this edition is not TTS(text-to-speech)-friendly due to the way TTS works on the Kindle.

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OSNOVA; Édition : 1 (8 octobre 2010)